Total Innovative Systems Integration

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You have a critical project that involves getting the right products to the right customers at just the right time. Everything hinges on the performance of the materials handling system.

Although the systems integration challenges you face may be difficult and complex, your needs are rather simple: to find a single source of expertise and efficiency that’s easy to do business with. One that has the skills and the technical knowledge necessary to deliver on time, as promised, with the detailed vision of a comprehensive blueprint created just for you.


You’ve found that one, true source… World-Source. We are your total answer for innovative systems integration.


A unique combination of resourcefulness and experience that’s used to build a system that enhances your productivity in accordance with your return on investment strategy.

dosubWorld-Source combines the science of systems engineering with years of professional, on-the-job experience. We’ve mastered the art of pulling it all together to make your projects work right, on time and on budget.

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