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The Quality of work, attention to detail, and total commitment demonstrated by everyone at World Source Integration, Inc. is exceptional. World Source Integration has consistently completed projects on time and within budget.

-Burlington Coat Factory

Having worked on multiple projects with World Source covering over 15 years I have always found the entire team to be honest and trustworthy. Leveraging their experience, ingenuity, and creativity, their sole goal is satisfying their customer. They produce results that exceed expectations through their core value that they’re building a relationship, not just implementing a project.

-Blue Horseshoe Solutions

I would say that World Source and its employees “went the extra mile” to satisfy design parameters and meet the expectations of Cost Plus. Performance far exceeds expectations.

-Cost Plus

World-Source and their employees ‘went the extra mile’ to satisfy the design parameters and meet our expectations.


Overall, the system is outstanding, looks good, is well engineered, built tough with great equipment… performance far exceeds expectations.

-Office Depot

We’ve had other integrators in here and by far World Source has done the best job. You can trust them to get the job done on time, and pay attention to the details.


Thanks to World Source, we not only got a system that met our needs but exceeded them. Thanks for all your work; you made it easy for us.


The quality of work, attention to detail, and the total commitment demonstrated by everyone at World-Source is exceptional.


Worldsource has consistently completed projects on time and on budget.

-JC Whitney

I would like to personally add that my experience with your entire organizations is that everyone has always conducted himself or herself with the highest degree of professionalism.


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