Case Studies

Burlington Coat Factory


Burlington Coat Factory is one of the most successful retailers in the United States, with more than $2.5 billion in annual sales, and over 350 department stores located nationwide.Over the past decade, Worldsource has worked closely with Burlington to

understand their unique operating requirements, sharing our expertise to help develop winning systems.Our ability to consistently deliver projects on time and within budget is the reason that we continue to be Burlington’s material handling system supplier of choice.


Depicted above is one of four Burlington distribution facilities. As with many fast growing businesses, Burlington requires quick implementation with no disruption to their operation. The above project was no exception. Through advanced planning and teamwork, solid project management and innovative installation techniques, we were able to redesign and deliver a world-class processing system in an ongoing 2-shift operation.Benefit:Burlington Coat Factory has long embraced state of the art technology. As with all of Burlington facilities, the emphasis has been on maximizing use of the cubic volume of the distribution centers. Through careful planning, Burlington has been able to grow and support more than 350 stores without the usual proportional growth in square footage of their distribution facilities. by implementing creative design we have utilized approximately 80% of the building cube.


The facility supports six unique operations:

  • Receiving – Merchandise is checked in and transported to one of three areas. Flat to Hang Processing, Space Saver Processing, or QPM (Quick Process Merchandise) processing.

  • Space Saver Processing – Consists of the merchandise breakdown, sorting and marking areas in a multiple level racking structure. Conveyors move totes in and out of the different processing areas as required. Completed merchandise is either placed into holding lanes for later shipment or sent directly to the induction of the tilt tray system for a distribution sort to the store level.

  • Tilt Tray Sortation – High speed Crisplant tilt tray sorters are used to distribute flat merchandise to the store level through an allocated distribution.

  • Garment on Hanger – Flat product is received, hung, and ticketed prior to being introduced to the high speed automated PSB hanging garment sorter which are used to distribute hanging merchandise to stores through an allocated distribution.

  • Quick Process Merchandise – Consists of fast turnaround full case merchandise which requires the “seeding” of store level tickets into cartons prior to being directed to shipping for a store level distribution.

  • Shipping Sortation System – This is where it all comes together. Cartons from all of the processing areas are routed to the Buschman high speed sliding shoe sorter which directs shipped cartons to the dock doors for fluid loading into waiting trucks. Hanging garments merchandise is also married to the store orders at this point.


Worldsource’s commitment to understanding the customer’s business and employment of creative solutions, combined with efficient project management, solid performance and service, has earned us another satisfied long term customer.

Home & Garden Party


Home & Garden Party is a leading manufacturer and distributor in the direct marketing industry. They have experienced tremendous growth over the past few years and are always looking for ways to improve their order fulfillment process.


The goal of the new installation was to design a system that would allow for easy expansion and added capacity as Home and Garden Party continues to grow. However, in order to be ready for the client’s busiest season – spring – Worldsource had to complete the project in two-thirds the time a system of this magnitude usually demands.


Worldsource was in control of the entire installation of the system mechanically and electronically. By using our own experience as a system integrator, we were able to work with multiple suppliers to get materials to the site on the fast track. Through hands-on project management, from sourcing materials to managing the shipments to the site, we were able to phase the arrival of materials and start the installation early. Specifications:

  • The system consists of five 3-level high pick modules, each 150 ft. in length. The modules were designed utilizing standard racking components to provide future flexibility.

  • These pick modules utilize a “skip zone” pick system. Scanners at each zone of the modules look at each cartons unique “MU” (moveable unit) number. The PTMS computer looks up the MU in the data that is supplied it by the Home & Garden’s warehouse management system (WMS) and determines if the carton needs to continue onto the next pick zone or should be shunted to the next based on what items are needed to complete its order. One of twelve High Speed UBT bi directional routing transfers are then used to direct the carton on its way.

  • Two Sasib switches (high speed diverts) are used to route cartons along the shortest path to complete the required picks.

  • An 8-station bow arm sorter was selected to feed the packing area at a rate of 32 cartons per minute.

  • A 15-station flat faced shipping sorter feeds the shipping docks at a rate of 60 cartons per minute.

  • Worldsource’s PTMS (Product Tracking and Management Software) is used to interface with Home & Garden Party’s WMS and a third party pick to light system. The PTMS system is responsible for routing cartons at 12 decision points in the pick modules, the 2 Sasib switches, and the 8 and 12-station sorters. A total of 19 scanners feed information to PTMS to control those 32 decision points. The PTMS system also used the information from the two in-motion scales to compare estimated order weight with the actual weight for QC purposes.


By implementing a $4 million system on a fast track schedule, Home and Garden Party was able to use the system for their peak season, gaining the efficiencies, saving on labor and increasing their order accuracy. With the new system operational, they are able to process over 100,000 units in a single shift.


Worldsource’s commitment to the customer’s time frame, our efficient project management, and solid performance and service – not to mention staying within the client’s budget – won us another repeat customer. Since the original installation, Worldsource has been awarded two additional systems expansions.